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  1. Arafen

    Arafen Fresh dari Oven

    Good evening everyone. The question means the following. For an indefinite period of time, my accountant dropped out of my job and I need to find a replacement. It is also possible to outsource, but geographically in Latvia, so that a person understands the structure of our taxes.
  2. Misery

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    Good day) If you are satisfied with outsourcing, then why not hire an office to handle your accounting? For example, Accounting services Latvia . An excellent firm with a good and professional staff of accountants who know everything about taxes and corporate reporting. And there is no need to try to tie everything up for one person. If a whole staff of accountants takes on your business, then if one of them goes on sick leave, then there will definitely be someone to replace him. This will save you unnecessary inconvenience)
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