Any input on Duke convection electric oven/Cooking Equipment Reviews

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  1. Victor23w1

    Victor23w1 Member Baru

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    I’m interested in the brand Duke oven or something like it in this size and power source
    220v single phase power convection Its small enough to fit in my location there’s a retailer not far from me that stocks in and I am lead to believe repairs are possible close enough to me. All of which are concerns out here in the middle of nowhere.
  2. PeaceDuke

    PeaceDuke Fresh dari Oven

    Sir, do you want to buy that oven for your own use or for a restaurant. Because in my restaurant I would never buy a simple oven and prefer to buy commercial cooking equipment that will have a much better impact on the productivity of making food for customers. But if you want it just for yourself to cook something at home than it is okay.
  3. figlios

    figlios Member Baru

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  4. Artycase

    Artycase Reguler

    Cooking is my hobby and that's why I usually prepare a lot of food for my family. The only disappointing thing is the fact that the food is being spoiled really fast. Fortunately, bag resealers usually help with this problem. You can read more and learn how to use them in the right way
  5. Norbert101

    Norbert101 Member Baru

    Guys, much obliged for your recommendations. I'm in search of a decent oven too.
  6. Gilbert1

    Gilbert1 Member Baru

    I think such things are really important for people who love cooking. I am only starting my way in this field and now I am only reading about different cooking directions and learn how to cook Caesar salad. I am at the very beginning but we all were there.
  7. tapejek

    tapejek Fresh dari Oven

    Without a quality oven, you won't cook delicious food
  8. BillShiphr

    BillShiphr Member Baru

    Good day to all! Is the brand Duke really good for meat cooking? Because I'm a big fan of grilled meat! Is a grill function available in it at all? By the way, I'm looking for some interesting recipes for the grill on the internet. If you have such, could you share it? From my side, I can share with you this website.
  9. Gronach

    Gronach Member Baru

    There are different configurations of ovens, if you need a grill function, you need to tell the consultant about this and he will offer you a suitable model.
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