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    Bitcoin Unicorn is a new generation cryptocurrency inspired by the 3 most beautiful projects by improving them : Bitcoin, Litecoin and
    BTCUI pays tribute to Bitcoin, the queen of Crypto
    Only bitcoin is no longer used as currency but as a store of value
    BTCUI borrows the Litecoin supply
    More chips = less speculation = more real use
    BTCUI turns on Blockchain Ethereum
    Faster than BTC and a cheaper user fee
    In economics, a unicorn is a project that reaches 1 billion dollars
    ... You now know our ambition of Market Cap for Bitcoin Unicorn

    free coin BTCUI di
    setiap percakapan akan mendapatkan bonus coin selama mengikuti aturan dan ketentuan yang berlaku.
    Jangan lupa bergabung di group Indonesianya dan kita semarakkan bersama sama Bitcoin Unicorn di indonesia nantinya
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    Jangan lupa gabung di forum bahasa indonesianya , semakin banyak yang gabung semakin besar peluang kita membuka forum resmi berbahasa indonesia dan mendapatkan bonus bitcoinunicorn juga tentunya .

    ingat : jangan pernah melakukan spam atau berbahasa yang diluar dari topik pembahasan , adminnya aktif 24 jam :smile:
Bitcoin Quotation Finom

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