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    With the raising of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most known and trustable. But where did these coins came from? The creation of new tokens is always risky, the creation of cryptocurrency is a hard labor and the developers, usually deals with the carry of the initial offering, and the bringing of the token to the exchage. There are not so many softwares which make this tasks easier, in my case I could say there's almost none. Specially when small projects has to fight against such a big, engaged and favorite crypto as Bitcoin.
    When somebody creates coins, he/she becomes in the arquitect of his/her finantial future, some few softwares like, or others; bring this people the tools to purchase their new tokens in the market, Mintme as a remarkable one, allows their users to create their tokens, socialize with other traders and earn with their referee program. Online and FREE softwares like this are the ones which maintain the market of coins for the developers, so at the end of theday, their projects has a good backup, thanks to a few people who works everyday in pro of those small developers with big dreams.
Sharkoin Nodeposit IFXBIT

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