CrowdIF - How to recognize that this is scam or is real ?

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    Afer seeing it, seems that with all my strength, I'll join
    Its business plan is very good and attractive, I'm also sharing with you.

    Friends, as all of us know referral marketing has a lot of potential to make huge earnings, however, if a business plan is made on an excellent strategy, which is revolutionary in its own way, then the business plan becomes fool proof and success of the referral marketing program is certain. And similar is the case of CrowdIF Intelligence Program, which is nominatively designed and has a revolutionary nature so the members are already making enormous profits!!

    Referral Profit- $10
    To make this profit is as simple as spreading your referral link and just sleeping over it, while referral profit will keep getting added into your account!

    Intelligence Profit- $20-$40 per month.
    Is simply based on answering questions based on crypto currency, irrespective of the fact whether you answer them correctly or incorrectly, you will get your profit by completing your task of answering the given questions!

    Portfolio Profit- 25% per month ( on your investment )
    In order to make this profit, you are required to invest a minimum amount of $250 and you have the liberty to withdraw the amount as and when you wish to! No Lock-In-Period

    Portfolio referral profit — 25% of invested amount by direct downline
    Well, you will receive this profit till the point of time your directly associated member keeps receiving his portfolio profit based on his investment, in other words this is a Regular source of Income!!
    To explain it further, if an individual has invested $10,000, then his monthly profit/income ranges between $2000- $4000 and consequently you will receive $500-$1000. This process will continue up and untill he does not withdraw the amount invested.

    Distributed mining profit- You need to keep the mining window of the company open on your mobile or laptop screen.

    So if you want to reign supreme, earn mega profits, START working from today…from now, else you will only regret when your friends sends you his referral link to join!
Trading Kontes Tokenomny Cashback Instaforex

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