WTB Depression/Kratom?

Discussion in 'Jasa Layanan' started by Muller021, Dec 10, 2020.

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  1. Muller021

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    is there a cure for depression? I want to summon Belial but IDK how will it work
  2. PippaMartin

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    Some natural medication will do just good for depression, Belial is chemical concoction, and it damages your brain in the first place, drug like this could get you in a deeper depression. I was going through depression when I moved to a new town, having no friends, no family and being in a whole new place, it's stress and is kind of depressing, you know. This situation needed a radical solution, having no time to go to a psychiatric I appealed to herbs, and the best one I found was kratom, I bought a beginner set of kratom online, and to be honest, at first I didn't feel anything like changing, but after few days, I began to feel alive, relaxed and getting in the rhythm of the new town.
  3. EmmaScott

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    If I only knew about this before, I had wasted so much money on psychiatrists while having depression
  4. Asaded

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    Hi @Muller021. There's always a cure for depression. It would be best to get an accurate diagnostic because depression may be secondary to other somatic/psychic conditions. For example, hypothyroidism - a metabolic disorder, might be associated with depression, and no one antidepressant or kratom would improve mental state. Usually, a Mental Health Center like this one, fherehab.com, could guide you to the program that better fits you. Trust me that depression isn't a simple headache you treat with paracetamol bought by your mother from a pharmacy. Sometimes it might lead to critical social isolation or even suicide.
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