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  1. ePayments

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    Hi everyone!

    We are pleased to introduce you to the electronic payments system: ePayments. It's an electronic e-Wallet that allows you to send, receive and withdraw money quickly, securely and with minimal fees.

    About ePayments

    Our company is registered in the United Kingdom and operates according to English law. In 2014 ePayments received an FCA licence (UK) confirming the reliability of our service and secured our right to legally issue electronic money. ePayments guarantees the safety of financial operations and the protection of confidential information.

    In 2016, ePayments became a principal member of MasterCard®. This confirms our payment system follows the high payment security standards and provides reliable financial activities. This status allows us to issue MasterCard® cards directly, free from intermediaries providing more opportunities to improve and expand our product range according to our clients and their market needs.

    How ePayments works

    Working with ePayments is easy and simple: the e-Wallet allows you to make payments and calculations, and the ePayments Prepaid MasterCard® allows you to pay for goods and services in stores and withdraw funds from ATMs.

    How to load funds to the ePayments e-Wallet:
    • Internal transfer
    • Bank transfer
    • From Visa/MasterCard/Maestro
    • Bitcoin, litecoin
    Withdraw funds:
    • Cash from ATMs with ePayments card
    • Payment in POS-terminals with ePayments card
    • Internal transfer
    • Bank transfer
    • Transfer to Webmoney
    • Transfer to Yandex.Money
    • Transfer to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin)
    • Withdraw funds to credit/debit card (VISA/ MasterCard®)

    To receive a payment from an affiliate network or other payer to your ePayments e-Wallet, you just need to clarify with your partner programme the most convenient way for them to pay - directly by internal transfer on ePayments (in which case you just need to provide your ePID) or, for example, by bank transfer (you can find the necessary details needed for such a transfer on the ‘Add funds’ page in your personal account).

    Take full control on your e-Wallet and cards via smartphone application. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

    Register and get your card:

    I will be happy to answer any questions which you may have.

    Sincerely yours,
    Lydia, ePayments community-manager.
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  2. ePayments

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    We are happy to announce that ePayments received the highest level of compliance with the standard for secure processing, storage and transmission of cardholder data - PCI DSS level 1.

    PCI security standards are technical and operational requirements set to protect cardholder data. To create this standard major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.) established the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, PCI SSC.

    The main focus of PCI DSS is on the protection of cardholder data, establishing security milestones, and lowering the risk of a cardholder data breach.
  3. ePayments

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    Today we’re pleased to announce that all payments made with MasterCard SecureCode, will be completed via a 3D-Secure protocol. You will receive a request to enter a SecureCode on the site from an SMS sent to the card holder’s mobile number.

    More than one million online merchants in 122 countries support transactions made with SecureCode.
    Usually you’ll find the following logo on their websites:

  4. ePayments

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    Starting the week with good news! :)

    Once again the account deposit option via bank cards is available now!
    You can use VISA / Mastercard® / Maestro cards issued in your name which supports secure Internet payment technology Mastercard® SecureCode ™ and Verified by Visa.

    Deposit option is available on the website, within two weeks it will be available in mobile apps too.
  5. ePayments

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    From the start we’ve been offering ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® cards for 35 USD and maintenance fee was charged once a year at the same cost. During our service we have learnt that annual fee causes inconvenience.

    Based on your feedback we've created new structure you surely will be pleased to hear.

    Now we offer the following:
    • ePayments Prepaid Mastercard® card price - 5.95 USD for a USD card, and 4.95 EUR for a Euro card
    • monthly maintenance fee - 2.9 USD / 2.4 EUR per month
    If you order a card by the 1st June, the first two months of card maintenance will be free of charge!

    On top of that, you can still continuously use your card for FREE! Here is how:

    When you make purchases for 300 USD/EUR on a dollar or euro card in one month - the next month’s card maintenance will be free of charge.

    For those who have already paid a yearly maintenance fee, the transition to the new payment system will take place when the paid maintenance period expires.
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    We continue to expand the capabilities of ePayments and today we have added a new service: transfers to QIWI wallets. Mass payments are also available to QIWI wallets for our business clients.

    QIWI is a universal payment service platform that includes the world's largest network of terminals - more than 160,000.

    Transfers to QIWI can be made to any wallets, not just to your own personal wallet in any of these currencies: USD, EUR, RUB.

    If the currency of the sender wallet differs from the wallet currency to which money is sent, then funds will be automatically converted.

    2% fee is applied per transaction.

    Transfers to QIWI is available from ePayments personal account online.
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    Great news: now you can load your ePayments card 5 times instead of 2 per 24 hours.
  8. ePayments

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    Fully redesigned ePayments app for Android

    We did it! We are pleased to present you our brand new design for the ePayments mobile application.


    When developing the design we rethought both the layout of all functions, as well as their work logic, taking into consideration active users’ requests and current trends in application design. We really hope that you’ll like the application.

    Be sure to get the latest release.
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