Google play credits/Android Wallet Not on Google Play

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  1. Liquidat1on

    Liquidat1on Fresh dari Oven

    I have gone to litecoincom 1 and litecoinorg 1, both show download links for the Android App Wallet.

    Litecoin1 - the Android app link is broken and takes you to this site.
    LItecoin 4 - the link takes you to Google Play, but the app is not there.

    Does anyone have any information on the status of these two apps?
    Are they the same app?

    It seems like any potential user would get discouraged.


    By the way, do you know how to use google play and earn credits?
  2. chrisbarett

    chrisbarett Fresh dari Oven

    Hey guys! I have recently found a very nice app related to cryptocurrency on google play, but it is a paid application… Does anyone know how can I download it for free ? I want to download it very much, but I don’t have money I have found some tricks on, but idk if it’s real. There is written how to obtain free credit and codes for google play
Ifxglobe 1xBit Trading Kontes

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