I collect dolls

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  1. Arnella

    Arnella Fresh dari Oven

    Hi, I collect dolls, I would like to know how many people like me are here? Where do you usually find unusual dolls? It will be interesting to find something new for yourself.
  2. LyStan

    LyStan Fresh dari Oven

    Hey there! How are you? Very interesting topic! I like dolls and constantly purchase costly, large, and gorgeous ones for myself. Especially if the doll is one of Amanda Dolls collectable dolls. Take a look at these dolls and see whether you think it would be fun to present it to someone. Good luck!
  3. Becky1

    Becky1 Member Baru

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  4. Rick Sunchez

    Rick Sunchez Fresh dari Oven

    I advise you to forget her and try to live on, find yourself a hobby or try to find yourself a new girl who will become even better than the old one. What do you think about it? Meet someone in the park.
  5. Tony SHvalts

    Tony SHvalts Fresh dari Oven

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