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    Mobile Payment, Social Network and Cryptocurrency


    Introduction About KahnChat

    Kahn technology Ltd is working on developing a mobile payment system integrated with a social media app. This development will commence as soon as the ICO campaign is concluded. Kahn Technology Ltd believes that the future of blockchain technology holds so much potential as a medium for data storage and plans to set up a complete social based digital wallet, KahnChat app, the first prototype of which will be released by mid2018.

    The prototype will enable users to experience the app’s workflow while the development team works on developing the main version of the KahnChat app for a future release. The KahnChat app can be used as a mobile payment platform for paying bills, fund transfer and making payments for orders, and as a social media app for messaging via text, voice and video, userstory sharing and for increasing the fan base and followers of a business or a public figure.

    The app also allows users to top up their wallet account balance with fiat currency or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Buying cryptocurrency with the app will be made possible using a debit or credit card or by transferring funds from a bank account. The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is the first step in our effort to offer a highlyoptimized and secure cryptocurrency based mobile wallet solution to our users. We will be holding pre-ICO and public ICO sales in order to raise sufficient funds for the development and marketing tasks of our project. Continue reading to know more about the ICO, its purpose, benefits, features, and timeline.


    The main purpose behind the KCH Initial Coin Offer or ICO is to commence the research and development needed to develop the social media app using Blockchain technology while raising capital for the application of the Payment Institution License (PIL) needed for the digital wallet payment system.

    A successful ICO will provide more opportunity to take in more software engineers needed to develop the various features as stated in this whitepaper. It will also allow us to deploy more effective marketing techniques and promotion strategies to launch the KahnChat app simultaneously in different countries.

    Technology & Development

    The core technology behind our mobile digital payment app is the blockchain technology which includes a network of peer-to-peer nodes without the presence of a central server. The technology will empower our application to allow secure and anonymous fund transfers and payments to other users.

    Development process

    Kahn Technology Ltd has several steps in place for the purpose of the app development. At the initial launch, the project will offer a Blockchain-backed digital wallet to allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies, make payments for orders and transfer funds between users.

    At this stage, social media features like messaging, voice and video chat and file sharing will still use the standard (non-blockchain) technology to complete processes.

    The second step will involve upgrading social media features to fully utilise blockchain technology. This will be done as soon as the required infrastructure is completed.


    People have been using social networking apps for some time now, and these apps have proven to be an amazing way to connect with friends, family and even with strangers, and share thoughts (and text/images/audio/video) with them. Digital wallets are also becoming quite popular as a way to make cashless transactions and send money with a simple click.

    Our vision is to combine these two amazing features and present them in a single app such that users can make payments, transfers and shop while chatting with friends and performing other social tasks in the app. Combined with the power (and security) of Blockchain, this idea has the potential of producing something that will not only be monetary beneficial but also very useful for the end user.

    Target Market

    Our ultimate target market is the consumers who will be befitting from our mobile payment app. However, we also warmly welcome those strategic and casual investors who are looking to make money from a rising cryptocurrency industry.

    Investors : Both strategic investors and the general public can purchase KCH tokens during our Pre-ICO and general ICO sales, which will be held in February 2018.

    App users : The KahnChat application, with complete features such as digital payments, exchange and social networking, will be launched later this year.


    Overview An Initial Token Sale or Initial Coin Offering (hereinafter - "ICO") is the event through which a cryptocurrency startup sells part of its cryptocurrency tokens to early investors and enthusiasts in exchange for funding. For the party offering the tokens for sale, this provides a proven methodology for raising funds and ensuring adoption of the tokens once they are in circulation and is a popular way to

    upscale an existing product or service. On the other hand, for the purchasers of tokens, ICO is an opportunity to participate in the early development of cryptocurrency business. ICOs are a way for early cryptocurrency holders to diversify their holdings using the cryptocurrency itself.

    KahnChat ICO is aimed at leveraging the potential of this funding methodology to be able to raise sufficient funds to fuel the development and marketing of our own crypto coin. The massive increase in the value of cryptocurrencies significantly contributed to the growth of ICO market during the last year. The market capitalization of all Cryptocurrency has risen from $7 billion in January of 2016 to over $130 billion in September 2017.

    Bitcoin has appreciated nearly 30X since September of 2013 ($135 USD per Bitcoin), reaching over $7,500 per Bitcoin in November of 2017. In part, this is due to Bitcoin’s role as the most widely known, used, and accepted cryptocurrency for payments. Ether has appreciated more than 100X since August of 2015 ($2.83 USD), reaching over $290 in November of 2017.

    In part, this has been due to Ether’s role as the core utility token of Ethereum - the most widely used blockchain-based computing platform for ICO’s / token sales. In the last year, we’ve seen an incredible move by startups and founders towards the use of blockchain technology and tokenized models. Rather than building new products on centralized architectures and database structures, an incredible wave of new development and innovation is happening on blockchain technology to kick off new decentralized services and models.

    We strive to become next in the chain of successful cryptocurrency startups who have managed to raise funds by conducting successful ICO campaigns. KahnChat ICO is as user-oriented and client-centric as possible. We intend to return all the investments back to our token holders along with amazing profits. The event will be held in multiple phases.

    App Features and Applications

    The KahnChat app incorporates more than just the normal chatting feature associated with most communication apps. It is a one-stop social cum digital payment solution for every user between the ages of 18-65 years.

    Other user features include the ability to add friends either from the address book or by scanning a person’s QR code. Stories can also be shared by users in the form of pictures, videos with an option for further engagement through comments.

    Users will be able to create groups, invite friends to groups, follow famous artists and public figures by scanning their public QR codes to get the latest updates and news. Users can also follow a business or company just by scanning their public QR code to start receiving updates, occasional discount vouchers, special promotion packages and other benefits.

    In addition, the app allows secure payments of utility bills using the major cryptocurrencies, debit and credit cards and bank accounts.

    About Detail Our ICO and Project Please read Our Whitepaper
    Why invest in KahnChat ICO ?

    Here are some other reasons why KahnChat ICO is the best ICO to invest in 2018.

    Imagine a social networking app where you can not only chat and socialize with people but also you can send money, make transfers and even pay for your purchases, and not just with Fiat currency but also with cryptocurrency. How cool is that!

    The KahnChat social networking and mobile payment app has all the features mentioned above and then some more. There is a separate digital wallet where users can manage their KCH tokens and use them for trading on stock exchanges and to buy things online/offline.

    Strong Revenue Model

    The company plans to generate its revenue from mobile payments. Mobile payments is a rapidly growing industry, especially in the UK and the US. Both online and card-based mobile payments amount to billions in revenue for the industry leaders. Those, who are already involved in this sector, are earning huge sum from their mobile investments.

    The KahnChat’s mobile payment target is 1% of the market share which is more than sufficient to produce a huge return to each of the ICO investors.

    So, the reason you should consider investing in the KahnChat ICO is that it is based on a practical and futuristic concept and will surely grow up.

    Furthermore, the company is also giving attractive bonuses (up to 50%) to their early sale buyers. The earlier and the more you buy in the sale, the higher will be your profits.

    The key to choosing a great ICO for your next investment is – gather as much information as possible about the company and the project, write down the important aspects, compare the positive and negative, and make a thoughtful decision

    What is KCH Token ?

    KCH is a virtual currency (cryptocurrency) associated with a mobile payment system that also integrates a social media platform.

    Mobile app : The KahnChat app is a complete mobile-based payment system integrated with a social media platform where users can send messages via text, video, audio, images and more, and perform online transactions such as fund transfer, bill payment, online shopping, etc.

    KCH Token : It is virtual currency that can be purchased and exchanged through KahnChat wallet and can be used for performing online purchases and transactions at supported merchants, same as the bitcoin.

    The Problem

    The social media penetration has changed the way people live; now the same shift is happening in the way people make payments.

    The user needs a mobile payment solution which allows making fund transfers without knowing the recipient bank account details, making virtually unlimited payments, communicating with the seller/company/artist/services, and more. All this without the need to download multiple apps or interact with slow websites.

    The user needs an All-In-One app that takes the very best of other existing apps and combines them with more features aimed at simplifying the daily life of the user.

    The Solution

    KahnChat app is a perfect digital payment solution for all user demands. It has a number of features, including :
    • Making payments digitally in cryptocurrency for shopping at any online/offline store
    • Transfer of funds to any KahnChat user
    • Sending text messages
    • Chatting via voice or video to single or multiple parties
    • File sharing and a lot more.
    There are also a number of user-specific features including the option to add friends from the address book or by scanning a person’s QR code. Users can share stories and updates including pictures and videos with optional further engagement through comments.

    Users will be able to create groups, invite friends to groups, follow famous artists by scanning his or her public QR code for latest updates and news, and more. Basically, it is a complete social networking app with the facility of integrated digital payments.

    Simplified Digital Payments

    Since the KahnChat digital wallet accepts fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency, it makes possible for the users to cash in their cryptocurrency into the KahnChat wallet and use it for purchase, transfer or withdrawal.

    Benefits from Token Sales

    Users will get KCH tokens in exchange for their investments in the ICO project. This will work as the investor’s share in the project as well as in any profit which is made from this particular project.

    The value of cryptocurrency, as you can witness from the market, is bound to increase over time. Users can choose to sell their tokens at any time for real currency as and how they see fit.

    For instance, 1 bitcoin which valued about $1,000 at the beginning of 2017 increased to about $19,000 by the end of 2017. That’s 19 times growth. It is possible for any cryptocurrency and this is how you can benefit from purchasing our tokens.

    Other token benefits include transparency in uses of funds, anonymity in payments and transfers, ease of buying and selling online from anywhere, decentralization of the funding process, non regulation with any government, no effect of any political or economic disasters, higher tangibility, diversification of the investment portfolio, and no connection from the economy or the stock market.

    ICO Sales Schedule

    On February 1st, 2018 at 00:00:00 GMT the Distributor will offer a maximum (fixed limit) of 20,000,000 KCH tokens (approximately 25% of all KCH tokens if the maximum limit during pre-sale including bonus is reached) in a pre-sale event before commencing with the ICO to the general public. This is to let strategic investors participate, 3 days before the sale to the general public starts.

    On February 4th, 2018 at 00:00:00 GMT the Distributor will offer a maximum (fixed limit) of 44,000,000 KCH tokens (approximately 55% of all KCH tokens if the maximum limit during pre-sale and ICO to the general public including bonus is reached) for sale to the general public.

    There will be a cumulative maximum (hard capped limit) of 64,000,000 KCH tokens (including bonus) in the KahnChat Pre-ICO Sale and ICO to the general public combined. The total amount of KCH tokens distributed during the pre-sale and during the ICO to the general public will constitute 80% of all KCH tokens. The remaining 20% of KCH tokens will be distributed among the advisors, bounty team, development team and partners.

    For further Information About ICO Please Visit our Website

    Connect With Us


    Eth : 0x8630585BF2C519b74551c1eCBE50f20698Ab2049

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    I also think that the blockchain technology has a huge future in the world.
    And in general, it just appeared and there are a lot of bugs and troubles that are solved every day.
    There will be more than one large company that will invest big money in the development of this technology.
    In the next days, you need to have time to create your ISO so that you can get to the market earlier and strengthen your position.
    By the way, I would advise offshore software development services from Eastern Europe to create my own ISO, since the greatest professionals of this business work there and they are not constrained by the hands of the US government
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