Negative Thinking/Anxiety/Worrying

Discussion in 'Marketplace / Exchanger & Trading' started by SoFary, Oct 6, 2020.

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  1. SoFary

    SoFary Member Baru

    Hello everyone,

    I had some problems with negative thoughts, anxiety, and anxiety. I have about 110 days of sobriety, and the hardest part of sobriety so far has been my own brain. I seem to worry and worry about everything. Even if what I'm worried about doesn't have the slightest chance of even happening. It seems to me that I can trick my mind into thinking that something is going to happen, when in fact it is not going to happen.

    I'll give you an example, guys, I got out of jail for 60 days in January of this year, for the 2nd DUI. I'm obviously on probation, and the court ordered me to undergo treatment. Obviously, I need clean UAS to avoid going to jail. I haven't used any drugs or alcohol since I got out of prison, but for some reason I keep worrying that one of my UA's will come back dirty from something I've eaten or drunk... Even though I'm 100% sober, I'm worried that UA will come back dirty and I'll get a probation violation and end up in jail again.

    This is how my brain works. I think the worst in any situation, and I can make everything seem possible, even if it isn't.

    Does anyone have any advice on this? Does anyone else think so? What do you recommend?
  2. EmmaScott

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    you need to relax just ...:smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
  3. PippaMartin

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    Last time, I was constantly faced with depression and I just wanted to die. I remember at that moment a lot of difficult situations happened to me. Bad grades, quarrels with classmates and betrayal of a friend. It was very difficult for me and I did not even suspect that now I can live happily and not think about suicide. Everything in my life has changed only thanks to the support of my parents and kratom. It was my mother who told me about the store where to buy kratom. After that, my mental state completely changed and I became the best version of myself! Thank you for giving me a chance to share with you.
  4. BlakeKellyQRo

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    I think that you need to travel to a state where weed is legal and there you can find a job and smoke how much you want, I know a lot of people that did like this and they are very happy about things they are doing. If you don't want to travel to another state, I can suggest you to use quality full spectrum CBD gummies which can help you to relax and to concetrate on something else. These are legal in every country I guess and it doesn't cost that much, at least it is cheaper than cigarettes.
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  5. Fileman

    Fileman Fresh dari Oven

    Thank you for suggestion, first time when a gummie helped me lol!
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