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Discussion in 'Diskusi Bitcoin' started by mriulian, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. mriulian

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    Hello bitcoin society,

    I would like to present a new bitcoin forum.

    Here is a link of the official post:

    I will post the requirements in this topic too:

    1.never delete topic, never ban people.(rule one ,very important)
    2.You can move wrong topic to sub-board or into Real trash Board, or merge them
    3.At least 30 constructive topics started a month(Min 5/week, Max10/week) in your board(it should be original)
    4.Fix all the questions asked in your board as fast as you can(any reply over 24 hours will be counted as delayed reply ) . and be patient to the asker.If you don't know how to anwser questions please ask in Moderators only board

    Your salary depends on the total views and replies of your topics.
    1.Basic salary 0.4btc/month
    2.Added salary 0.1btc/(10,000 views+30 valid replies) , totally for your monthly topics
    3.Salary paid every end of each months.

    1.If you break rule one
    2.If the total views is under 1000/month or replies under 60/month
    3.If your delayed replies over 5
    4.If you are found using alts to reply in your topic or buying invalid views
    you may be fired for next month

    Besides that we're selling at begging with 0.005 bitcoins for now the place of donator, the price will go up so come and get it:

    We will love to see you on our forum and hopefully we can grow more bitcoin communities and let down the supremacy of

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