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    We're excited to announce the launch of a new website, CryptoRival!

    CryptoRival is hoping to become an invaluable resource for everything relating to cryptocurrencies. We've written reviews of cloud mining services, we've put together a comparison table, to help easily view the differences between each of them. We've made a comparison table of currency exchange services, to help you choose who to send your digital currency to, in order to get it exchanged into your own currency, such as rupiah.

    We also include profitability calculators on our website. These are made to help you decide how profitable mining a certain digital coin can be for you, such as bitcoin, litecoin, dash, etc. There are sections to input your hashing power, pool fees you many incur, power usage, power cost in kw per hour and hardware costs if you're using your own mining rig, or the contract cost if you're using a cloud mining service. We then show you your possible profit in four parts; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

    We've also started creating a frequently asked questions page, designed to help anyone who has questions about bitcoins, altcoins, digital currencies, mining and everything else.

    We'd love to know what you think of the site, what you'd like added, what features you want to see and any feedback you might have.

    The website address is You can contact us there, reply to this thread, our we are online on Twitter, Facebook and lots more.

    Best wishes,
    The CryptoRival Team
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    Nice site but I can buy ghs on your site
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    Sound good news,,, I will try follow and updating info from your website.... may can make me have so much advises there...
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