[ PLEASE HELP!! ] Loan 9 BTC

Discussion in 'ESO - English Spoken Only' started by deep hudson, Dec 9, 2015.

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  1. deep hudson

    deep hudson Member Baru

    please help me for support in financial for my Cloud Mining Account on CLDmine.

    I need 9BTC-12BTC for mining, and the site claims that I can receive the invest back after 3 months.
    And I'll pay you back 1.01BTC in every months.

    Please contact me : [email protected]
    I'll give you my number.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Nyoman Chandra

    Nyoman Chandra Member Baru

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    wow it is such big value i think
    maybe you should make other people trust you first
  3. Yoni Kodjij

    Yoni Kodjij Reguler

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    Yeah, agree with you, Nyoman. It's such of a huge amount to loan. Not to disappoint you, but maybe you should ask another forum then.
  4. Icho_photo

    Icho_photo Member Baru

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    Haha you need miracle bro to get that loans that you need. But it's okay maybe the goddess of fortune be by your side. Who knows
  5. goldenwings

    goldenwings Fresh dari Oven

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    hope that you get what you expect, 9 btc ???
  6. jiro1st

    jiro1st Member Baru

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    i cant register to cldmine.com. doesnt it take new member?
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  7. r0mance

    r0mance Reguler

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    is cldmine.com a legit cloud mining? who is here that got return of investment after 3 months and still earn from cldmine? Is that 9 BTC the minimum investment fund?
  8. Ken Diva

    Ken Diva Reguler

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    9 is a big number for btc dude, wish you luck :)
  9. Badak

    Badak Fresh dari Oven

    haha it will really be a miracle if you get it from someone)
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