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Discussion in 'Website, Script, Design dan Lainnya' started by wissemk, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:

    i want to sell this Cloud Mining script of Genesis-Mining.

    Live Official Site: https://www.genesis-mining.com/
    Live Demo: http://cloudmining.dragonara.org/
    username: [email protected]
    password: demo

    Default Design: Like Genesis-Mining

    Coins : Bitcoin Mining (Sha-256) & Ethereum Mining

    You set price per Ghash or Mhash and sell it.

    No need to buy servers and also buying cloud servers and hire many staffs to manage your business.

    Script manipulate it and handle it like could mining systems.

    Real time calculation depended in real time prices and difficulties.

    Withdrawals: Auto or Manual depended in admin choice and also member choice.

    Ability to define Electricity and Machines fees.

    Price: 100$ in BTC
    Buy it safe: https://satoshibox.com/mjb6tpvjc2b3js2oqweo6y8k
  2. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
  3. mamamama

    mamamama Member Baru

    the demo cannot be access since it ask for 2 factor auuth.
    and what is the payment method available than visa/mastercard?
    please send me an inbox of details of the script
  4. JackesB

    JackesB Fresh dari Oven

    Hi. I have buy your script :smirk:
    Please can you help me to install sql data..
    PM me. Thank you :rolleyes:
  5. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
    I have contact you in PM

    Thanks for your trust for me.
    I will contact you next 60 min but I have connect with mobile.

    Best Regards,
  6. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
    Update: (10-12-2016)

    - Add new Dark Skin (Black)
    - Fixed crash

    * For getting updated PM me.
  7. Bitcoin zx

    Bitcoin zx Member Baru

    Hello I'm interested, would you make any discounts?
  8. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
    Sorry There is no discounts but we get all new update (skin, plugin, payment gateway..) in free for first year.

    Best Regards,
  9. JackesB

    JackesB Fresh dari Oven

    Best support thank you sir :)
  10. wissemk

    wissemk Fresh dari Oven

    Bitcoin Address:
  11. cooljojo

    cooljojo Fresh dari Oven

    Hello ~
    I just bought your script but the content isn't what I expected at all. It contains a football website and nothing related to Btc mining.
    I prefer to believe that you upload the wrong archive so, could you send to me the right archive with the right content please ?

    Here is my proof of payment : HERE

  12. poketo zevo

    poketo zevo Member Baru

    itu menggunakan software GUI seperti GPU mining lainnya apa nggak?
    karena saya ingin yg dengan GPU minersnya seperti mi****g*t*
    labih cocok karena lebih mudah moderasi
    juga pergerakan hasil menambang diperlihatkan di window layernya...
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