Warning !!! BTC-e selectively scamming me

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  1. Dutchy1234

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    Hello everyone,

    I made an account on https://btc-e.com/ back in 2014 and deposited a bunch of LTE Litecoins on my account. I said to myself to not touch my account for 3 years, those 3 years are done and in the meantime my account has been suspended for inactivity.

    I signed up before September 10, 2015 which means I did not agreed to any inactivity period listed on their terms of use: https://web.archive.org/web/20150910111027/https://btc-e.com/page/1

    At first it sounded very promising, BTC-e referred me to their website where it said I had to verify with www.xbtce.com and after verification my account would be automatically unblocked within 10 days.

    [size=9pt]4. The account is blocked according to BTC-e Terms of Use https://btc-e.com/page/1 p. - 9.10.
    4.1. Go to https://www.xbtce.com.
    4.2. Create an account and complete the verification process, providing all required documents. Our staff will review your documents and your account will be verified. For more information about the verification process, refer to https://support.xbtce.info/Knowledgebase/Article/View/77/30/3-procedura-verifikacii-ewallet.
    4.3. Your btc-e.com account will be verified automatically within 1 day after receiving the verified status on xbtce
    4.4. Within 10 days, your inactive btc-e account will be unblocked.

    It has been 13 days and I am still suspended. as of Thursday the 13th of July. I have send a support ticket every single day to BTC-e since my verification on xbtce.

    Out of the 13 tickets I have send so far I have received only 3 times a response to 1 ticket, all other 12 tickets are left unanswered.

    The responses I have received are:
    1) Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting BTC-e. Send the screen of the purse from which the deposit was sent. I received 2 Times, this exact same answer.
    2) Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting BTC-e. Write the bank account number for which you have raised funds in 2015.

    These responses are ridiculous, first of all my history on my other BTC-e account from where I made the deposit is completely clear so there is nothing to see. Secondly, I did not raised funds in 2015 because I not touched my account since 2014. Also, I find it unacceptable how short and somewhat rude these responses are. There is no concern for the customer through the BTC-e support service.

    The following is what in general my support ticket mails look like:(Ticket from Tuesday the 11th of July)

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Today I have been waiting 11 days after I got verified by xbtce and BTC-e still not unblock my account.

    The story:
    You guys tell me within 10 day, my account will be unblocked. Today is already the 9th day!! Why you guys play with me? Just unblock my account.
    I have ALREADY verified my account through xbtce.
    The terms say that after verifying with xbtce that: ''Within 10 days, your inactive BTC-e account will be unblocked.'' It has been 11 days already!
    2 Times I received a response saying: ''Send the screen of the purse from which the deposit was sent '' This makes NO sense. I have also receive a response ‘’Write your bank account number for which you raised funds in 2015’’
    Please stop playing with me, please unblock my account. I have done what needed to be done. I have followed your BTC-e Terms of use p. 9.10.
    I have already send 11 support tickets, 1 every day, since my verification 11 days ago on xbtce. I have not yet received any clear response, and whenever I try to login on my BTC-e account with the same email address it still says that I am suspended.

    Could you please clarify, why I am still suspended, and how long it will take before I am allowed to access my (acount name hidden) on BTC-e?

    Thanks in advance.
    With kind regards,
    (real name hidden)

    I have been very reasonable and I have been playing by their rules, however they keep ignoring my support tickets except for 1 ticket to which its responses were ridiculous.

    I have read on several occasions that in order for them to unblock your account that one needs to do some online slandering and accuse them of scamming on as many online platforms as possible.

    BTC-e has been not helpful at all to unblock my account.

    If anyone has any more suggestion I would be very keen to hear them.

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. Greta557

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    Have you phoned them?
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