WTB What can be turned into an NFT token?

Discussion in 'E-Money, Bitcoin & AltCoins' started by luckypenguin, Oct 6, 2021.

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  1. luckypenguin

    luckypenguin Fresh dari Oven

    What can become an NFT token? Only intellectual property or physical items too?
  2. Alex Pavlyuk

    Alex Pavlyuk Fresh dari Oven

    In fact, anything. Music, images, text, video, 3D models - that is, any digital product that claims to be unique
  3. pixie2

    pixie2 Fresh dari Oven

    The NFT was originally designed to emphasize the uniqueness of something and to provide security. So the answer to your question is yes anything. The main thing is that the object you tokenize is unique. This topic is just gaining momentum right now, but there's already a lot of interesting stuff out there. I sometimes go to https://nftotters.com/ to see and discuss new projects that they put out there. Maybe you'll find it interesting, too.
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