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Discussion in 'Regional' started by Liquidat1on, Jan 15, 2020.

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  1. Liquidat1on

    Liquidat1on Fresh dari Oven

    I would like to ask you about where to buy real youtube subscribers??? I know that if you willl use bots then your account will be deleted, how to avoid it?
  2. johndoll

    johndoll Fresh dari Oven

    Hi! I heard about ban due to bot subscribers too, and also want to know how else could I grow the number of subscribers on my channel? My friend used to write on different forums just "subscribe on my channel (link)". I don't think it works))
  3. Lorris007

    Lorris007 Fresh dari Oven

    Nice topic to discuss guys. You are right, YouTube blocks the channels that use bots as their audience. So it's a kinda risk to do that. I will recommend you to try another way, you can buy real Youtube subscribers, I'm not kidding. There is a nice website that I used half a year ago to get more subscribers and it didn't cost me a fortune and was very effective. I bought 5,000 subscribers for, if I remember, less than $500. You may think that it is too much, but that people don't unsubscribe ever, they watch your videos comment on them and put likes. So it's everything (likes, views, comments) just in one.
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